Comments Policy

This is my space. I will tend to it as I see fit. If you don’t like a decision, you can email me at No correspondence will be entered into regarding moderation decisions in the comments section of the blog. I am happy to discuss them via email, but not here.

If a comment is clearly trolling, it will be deleted, and a warning given. Ignoring the warning will result in permanent moderation. I may publish further of your comments, I may not. I reserve the right to refuse to publish comments entirely from people I do not want in my space, from the very beginning. If I think you are detracting from discussion, I will intervene.

I will not tolerate people talking in a manner on this blog that I would not tolerate in my home. This is my space. If you have questions or comments about me, I generally don’t mind. Comments about my family, friends or others on this blog that are unpleasant will be dealt with in the same way I deal with them in real life. I will remove that person from my space.

Play nicely, and we’ll get along fine.


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