What’s been going on

I realise I haven’t been writing anything food-wise for, oh about a year, and that was the whole point of this blog. So here’s what I’ve been doing food-wise:

I’ve joined weight watchers. Two reasons. One, my father uses them and he said the recipes were awesome, healthy and I was getting sick of losing five kilos then putting it back on then losing it again and basically ruining all of my pants with rapid weight loss and gain. Secondly, we made the big decision to move to the country, and settled on Wagga Wagga. I figured that I could kill two birds with an increasingly small stone. 

So I started that in August, and it’s been going very, very well. So far in nine weeks I’ve lost seven kilos, which is more than 0.5kg a week, so I’m slightly ahead of where I should be. 

I’ll have to start writing about what I’m cooking and baking again, but for now, that’s where I’m at.

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