Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas has come and gone, the tree was taken down today, and I’ve finally got my house back from the spread of presents I was making covering every available surface.  Thank God!

This year, everyone but the kids got homemade gifts. Most of them got this:

What you’ve got there is a box of chocolate chip cookies, homemade truffles, Tomato and Chilli Chutney and Parmesan and Cheddar biscuits. I made eight of these baskets to give to family members and friends. Recipes on all of those to come.

We also had several family events around Christmas which I made things for, and since Christmas I have tried to make something or do something every day since.

Other things I’ve made recently:

Lindt double layer Cheeseless cake (I had a very, very bad day and completely forgot to put the Cream Cheese in a freaking Cheesecake! Still tasted good, though), and Reinderps (As I Christened them because they all seem to have eyes looking in different directions) for a family function, along with my first attempt at a Pavlova:

Just before New Year, I made what have come to be know as Corset Cupcakes:

They’re Red Velvet cupcakes with Chocolate buttercream frosting:

And here they are undressed:

Then, I got the breadmaker my father got me out and started making bread:

And then since I was in a making mood, I made some Cheese!. Now that going to need a whole post by itself, so there is tomorrows post taken care of.

My exercise routine kind of fell by the wayside a bit during the Christmas New Year bit, but given I’ve been in the kitchen for several hours a day, it’s been hellishly hot and our kitchen is not air-conditioned, I don’t feel in the least bad about it.

More to come.


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One Response to Christmas in the Kitchen

  1. Bron says:

    I think I have to come back to Melbourne…

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