Chocolate strawberries, Chocolate tart with Rasberry Coulis

Sunday tends to be baking day, for me. I’m more likely to bake something, rather than cook on a Sunday. Today, I’m making two desserts. I don’t think there’s a dessert out there that both Jeremy and I like, so I tend to make two desserts where there’s a cross-over of ingredients.

First, the chocolate strawberries. I don’t think I need to include a recipe for this, do I? Get some strawberries, melt some chocolate, swirl one in the other, and pop in the fridge for a few hours.

So, I used this Chocolate Tart recipe, but instead of making it in one big tart, I used small tart cases. I bought the tart cases, because I had those to hand, and didn’t have the right flour.

I then made this recipe for Raspberry Coulis, with a few small tweaks. I cooked it for slightly longer, until there was a sort of glaze to the mixture, and I skipped the step for puree. I have a very fine grade strainer that I use for making Jam, so I really don’t find it necessary to puree as well. Additionally, I left out the lemon juice, and chopped up a small amount of mint very finely, and added that in. Mint + Chocolate + Raspberry = win.

Then, I pulled the whole lot together, with some vanilla ice cream for the chocolate tarts. The result?

I’m pretty happy with it. It’s another good example of pulling together small, quick things to create something that’s simple, but seems much more complicated and time-consuming than it is.

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