Chilli & Mint duck breast with Pomegranate salad with Tzatziki dressing

Oh, me. I’ve been a naughty little blogger. It’s been an incredibly busy week. I’ll try to be better.

So I started with this recipe which I first saw on the plane home from Sydney a few weeks ago. Here’s the changes I made:

  • Two breasts instead of four
  • Popped some pomegranate juice in with the lemon
  • Used a general pepper steak seasoning rather than a Chinese Five Spice

I stayed pretty close the Jamie Oliver recipe in terms of the cooking – score the breast, rub in the spices and thyme, medium high heat in a frying pan with the tiniest bit of olive oil, pop the duck breasts in skin down, put something like a lid or another frying pan with a weight on top of it. That gets rid of most of the fat. You can see that the fat has been rendered (melted off) in the photo below. So it’s fairly lean meat by the time you’re done cooking it

Take the weight off and the lid, lower the heat, turn over occasionally. Rest when it’s cooked, I rest it on paper towels to absorb the rest of the fat.

Chop up some chilli, mint and juice a lemon onto the board. I had some leftover pomegranate juice from the salad (more on that later) so I put probably two tablespoons of that in too. Mix in the duck breast, which you should slice, and leave it to absorb the juices.

In the meantime, I made a quick salad. Vine-ripened tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, cucumber, spring onions, baby Cos lettuce, red onion.

Now, a quick word on pomegranates. They are awesome. But my god, are they messy. Wear something where it doesn’t matter if you get splashed by juice. Because you will. They’ve got a sweetish sour flavour, and they’re great in salad, and I think the juice is great in marinades for beef, duck, lamb and pork. They’re also fairly reasonably priced at the moment. Get into them.

I also made some Tzatziki. Tzatziki is great as not only a dip, but a quick, fat free, low sugar salad dressing. My simple Tzatziki recipe is as follows:-

  • 1 small continental or Lebanese cucumber
  • Two cloves of garlic, crushed
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • Four heaped tablespoons of fat free, natural yoghurt. May be marketed as Greek Yoghurt.

Chop up the cucumber into smallish pieces. Place in a bowl with the lemon juice, garlic and yoghurt. Mix. If you like it with no lumps, mix a bit more vigorously.

It’s that easy. Healthy food CAN be awesome, easy and cheap. The above will give you enough for a large salad for four people, and enough leftover to use as a dip.

The whole thing took me forty five minutes, and I managed to do a wash of dishes whilst the duck was cooking. It’s all really simple stuff, but put together it looks impressive, and tastes great.

Photos of duck courtesy of Jeremy, who can actually operate a camera competently. I’m still screwing around with a smashed Iphone.





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2 Responses to Chilli & Mint duck breast with Pomegranate salad with Tzatziki dressing

  1. cosmicjester says:

    looks de-friggen-licous.

  2. everydaykeri says:

    Thanks, CJ. I’m really loving spending a bit more time in the kitchen.

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