The negatives to losing weight Part 1 – Why I’m losing weight

The first negative to losing weight, is trying to convince others that there are negatives.

First, a (not so)  brief note on why I’m losing weight, what stops me losing weight, and how I’m losing weight:

I first started losing weight in December of 2008. It came at a point when I was at my heaviest. I was newly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, had just started Metformin, and knew I had to lose weight to aid in keeping my insulin levels under control. Even though I knew some of my weight gain (How much? I don’t know. I do know that at my fittest, I was playing indoor soccer once a week, netball once a week and working out three times a week. I was very strict in what I ate, and I still struggled to maintain an 80kg weight level. Although I was fit, and probably the healthiest I’ve ever been. That’s still classified as “overweight”) was caused by the PCOS, losing weight is a great way of reducing insulin levels. It’s a bit of a vicious circle, including the fact that high insulin levels STOP you losing as much weight as you should be. There are times where I would sincerely like to kick my ovaries……in the ovaries, I guess. Stupid hormone producing organ not producing hormones appropriately.

(A quick rundown on PCOS and it’s implications for me: My sugar levels tend towards the low side of normal (By low side of normal I mean sub 4), my blood pressure is my doctors delight, but my insulin levels are high. This means I’m insulin resistant, not deficient. PCOS is a hormonal disorder, and contributes to my weight gain, my difficulty losing weight and maintaining it, as well as other medical issues. For me, treating PCOS has been instrumental in managing my weight, and more importantly, understanding my weight)

Anyway, I plugged away for about a year with just changes to my diet that saw me lose close to nine kilos total (Did I mention higher insulin levels make weight loss harder?), I decided to ramp it up a notch. I joined a gym near my new job. I got a personal trainer for half a dozen sessions, and I attend three times a week (when I can), and I got a bit more serious about my food. The weight started falling off. Since December last year, I’ve lost an additional 15 kilos. Slowly, sure. But I haven’t had a single week where I haven’t lost at least some weight, no matter how small. I have been steadily losing weight – without a single week of gain – for two years.

I am not in any way limiting my intake.  No points, no cutting out this, cutting out that. If anything, I eat more now than when I was at my heaviest. Because I was eating one meal a day then. I didn’t feel hungry until dinner and then I would be starving, so most days, dinner was my only meal of the day. I could – even now – comfortably go 24 hours without eating, or without even noticing that I haven’t eaten, sometimes. When I say serious about food, I mean getting invested in what I’m eating. Putting more work into making meals, learning about different flavours, and what works well as a meal. And most importantly, learning what my body needs and responds well to. Not what I crave, but what it runs well on. And that – not surprisingly – is natural food, made from scratch, that is mainly vegetables, with lean meats and pulses to supplement.

There’s a tendency to just go meat and two veg, or a piece of chicken, with frozen vegies and a jar of sauce Or big portions of meat balanced with whopping serves of carbs. Which is all fine, if you don’t need to adjust your lifestyle. In fact, it kind of sounds delicious.

So now, I try to make one new recipe a week. I’m finding variety is important. Not just in my diet, but in keeping both myself and Jeremy interested and invested in what we make.

Negatives of weight loss in Part 2

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