What’s all this, then?

I’m starting this blog for quite a few different, possibly competing, reasons.

The first is that I am really digging cooking more and more. And the more I cook, the more I do myself from scratch, the better I eat, the more invested I feel in the quality of food I eat, and the more my health and weight are improving. I figure documenting what I am eating, what’s in it and how I am making it is only going to make that enjoyment more long-lasting.

The second was a comment by a new specialist I am seeing at the moment. She commented on the fact that I’ve lost 24 kilos over the past two years. Her first question “What diet are you on?”

She seemed genuinely taken aback that I was not on a diet,and had maintained and was continuing my weight loss, without any professional intervention of any sort. I’m just going to the gym three times a week (when I can), trying to eat healthier without limiting my food intake or being too spartan or without too many rules. Oh, and finding out the root cause of my steady weight gain in the first place. More on that later.

No cutting out entire food groups. No guilt if I feel like something naughty. No lite this, lo-fat that.  No being a total pain in the arse when I go out to eat, or insisting on certain foods at other people’s houses. No “why do I eat it must be my emotions I am broken and need therapy” guilt. No “must have more willpower” bullshit. No turning down birthday cake.

Yes, I have gone back to basics – making as much as the food that we eat at home from scratch as possible. Varying the food we eat at home more and more – including vegetarian meals a few times a week – and generally eating as naturally as possible. Not granola natural, but not-processed natural. I am no angel. I made a batch of caramel-toffee-chocolate fudge two weeks ago. It was delicious. And given I spent two hours working my arse off in the kitchen making it, I felt no guilt whatsoever in eating that sugary, creamy fudge.

The third reason is the assumptions that overweight people are constantly hit with; that overweight people know less about what to eat than thin people. That we all eat food that is very bad for us, all of the time. That we are lazier than thin people, that we are by default less healthy in our other habits than thin people. That somehow, we are less deserving, less disciplined in general, less worthy.

I call bullshit. I work harder to simply maintain my weight than a thin person ever will. I work far, far harder than a thin person to lose weight. And I think more about each mouthful of food I eat than most people will think about their weeks food intake. I educate myself on what foods will benefit my health more, and aid in keeping my insulin levels down (I have insulin resistance but low blood sugar. (Again, more on that later). I am not in need of being told what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat or how much to exercise to work off what I eat. I listen to all advice, and process it with what I already know, and what I know about MY body. But the assumption is that I never exercise, shovel nothing but junk into my gob, and eat like a pig at trough.

I’m also wary that I don’t want this blog to seen as a “How to” or as advice, or worse, as a Holier-Than-Thou preach-a-thon. It isn’t. The things that work for me? Work for ME. They’re not rules, guidelines, or even probably how it should be done. Nor am I saying that every fat person out there eats like an angel, works out like an athlete and knows what is good for them. OR EVEN THAT THEY SHOULD. Each person must do what is best for them, and what makes them happiest. If a few more kilos and a few more donuts floats your boat, powder up, baby. I’m not your doctor, I’m not your mother, and I’m not your chef.

That being said, let’s see how this goes.

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